Market Studies, State-of-the-Art & Audits
  • State-of-the-art analysis
  • Benchmark of technological solutions
  • Analysis and evaluation of technologies
  • Creation of insertion strategies
  • Company analysis (CSR, econometric, and environmental analysis)

A team of researchers wants to commercialize their research in Edge AI. For this, they need to understand market expectations, existing similar technologies, as well as production capabilities. In this context, the client wanted to engage Telecom Etude for their experts, who are students from the school with a solid understanding of the technology.

Conduct of a study

  • Customer Contact

    Contact us via our form or at

  • Meeting with the Client

    We welcome you to our premises at Telecom Paris or via videoconference. During this meeting, we define a first specification document as well as the budget for the mission.

  • Finding Experts

    We contact students from the school to respond to your mission. We conduct interviews with them to ensure that their qualifications match the mission requirements.

  • Signing of Documents

    Mission Begins

  • Blabla Mission Follow-up

    Mission Follow-up

  • Payment and Completion of a Satisfaction Form

    Mission Completed