Data Science, AI and Machine Learning
  • Data scraping
  • Mass analysis
  • Business intelligence for data-driven decisions
  • Production of Data Visualization
  • Feasibility study based on business exchanges (data, variables...)
  • Implementation and training on Data Storytelling tools
  • Creation of dynamic dashboards
  • Design, implementation, merging, and optimization of databases

Our client is a startup working on optimizing the supply chain for retailers. To assist them in this task, we collaborated to develop a system that can accurately predict store footfall based on data collected in the store as well as from various available Open Data sources such as weather and transportation data.

For its operations, our client wants to track the prices of different types of energy in various countries around the world. A system for automated data retrieval was set up using diverse sources found on the internet such as Word documents, PDFs, images, and graphs, in order to determine data for the past 5 years and future projections.

To optimize the management of a portfolio of buildings, a real estate asset manager wants to be able to anticipate regular incidents that occur, given the quantity of properties under their care. An algorithm using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies was developed based on textual data collected from incident reports, allowing for complaint analysis and providing the client with numerous statistical insights to optimize their management approach.

Conduct of a study

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