Image Processing & 3D Modeling
  • Creation of ML models (images, signals, text-to-speech)
  • Application of existing models (images, signals, text-to-speech)
  • Model training
  • Analysis of existing methods

A startup has developed an advanced image processing tool to improve facial retouching. It is based on generating realistic faces from a dataset provided by the client. The study involves modifying a typical algorithm (Generative Adversarial Network) to control the facial expression of the generated faces.

As part of a study conducted by our client on the development of telecommunications networks in France, they wanted to have a year-by-year history of French municipalities with high-speed connectivity. However, they only had imprecise maps in PDF format for each year. The work involved developing an algorithm to accurately match all these points to a map of France.

Conduct of a study

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  • Finding Experts

    We contact students from the school to respond to your mission. We conduct interviews with them to ensure that their qualifications match the mission requirements.

  • Signing of Documents

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